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Equipment list of relay station

Classification Name of articles Pet name
Input filter Input filter (standard type) FI2S00
Input filter / Distributor FI2S03
Input filter for adjacent removal 1 (Dielectric substance) FI2S01
Input filter for adjacent removal 2 (Dielectric substance) FI2S02
Input divider 2 adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*1) FI2MF2
3 adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*1) FI2MF3
4 adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*1) FI2MF4
5 adjacent waves (to 8 waves) (*1) FI2MF5
2 non-adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*2) FI2MFB
3 non-adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*2) FI2MFC
4 non-adjacent waves (to 4 waves) (*2) FI2MFD
5 non-adjacent waves (to 8 waves) (*2) FI2MFE
Adjacent 2 waves (CIR type) FI2MR2
Adjacent 4 waves (CIR type) FI2MR4
Input distributor 2 distributor 4 systems FD2M24
Input distributor FD2M21
Head Amp. Head Amp. (Gain:13dB) LA2013
Head Amp. (Gain:27dB) LA2027
Main body of Head Amp. LA20SR
IF Separation terminal IF Separetion terminal (Transmmisiom) TB20T0
IF Separetion terminal (Reception) TB20R0
Reception conversion Reception conversion unit (SFN, SAW filter 1) (*3) RC20U0
Reception conversion unit (for MFN) (*3) RC20U1
Local oscillator unit
Main body of reception conversion RX20SR
OFDM modulator OFDM modulator (Height=50mm) MD2137
OFDM modulator MD2037
Compensator IF delay device (H=50mm) All-in-one type CU21DL
IF delay unit (*4) CU20DL
IF delay main body (*4) SR20DL
Coupling loop interference canceller (Heigh=50mm) CU21CL
Multi pass equalizer (Height=50mm) CU21MP
Co-channel interference canceller CU20CC
Co-channel interference canceller main body
Transmission conversion Transmission conversion unit (SAW filter 1) TC20U0
Transmission conversion unit (SAW filter less) TC20U1
Local oscillator unit
CH BPF [6840CD]
Transmission conversion main body TX20SR
Basic part switch controller Type II (10msec or less) SW2TR0
Type II (Semi-seamless) SW2TD0
Rb oscillator Rb oscillator RB20S1
Rb oscillator (GPS proofreading type) RB20S0
GPS receiving Antenna
Rb oscillator SW controller SW2RR0
Rb oscillation seamless switcher Sub rack (Fan nuit attachment) RB2SSR
Power supply unit RB2SPS
Rb oscillation unit RB2SRB
Switcher RB2SSW
GPS reciver RE2GPS
Distributor (for seamless switching) DV28RB
Input distributor Input distributor FD2M21
Distributor (For parallel-synthetic method) DV22PA
Distributor main body SR22PA
IF distributor (2 distribution of 2 methods) FD2I22
Wave combiner Adjacent 2 waves combiner (*5) FO2MF2
Adjacent 3 waves combiner (*5) FO2MF3
Adjacent 4 waves combiner (*5) FO2MF4
Adjacent 5 waves combiner (*5) FO2MF5
Non-adjacent 2 waves combiner (*6) FO2MFB
Non-adjacent 3 waves combiner (*6) FO2MFC
Non-adjacent 4 waves combiner (*6) FO2MFD
Non-adjacent 5 waves combiner (*6) FO2MFE
PA 0.15W SCPA PA2S22
0.5W SCPA PA2S27
1.5W SCPA PA2S32
7.5W SCPA PA2S39
5W Parallel-synthetic method PA2S37
PA main body 0.15W Power Amp. Main body PA20SR
SCPA main body PA21SR
5W Power Amp. Main body PA22SR
10W Power Amp. Main body(5W x 3 Synthetic method) PA24SR
MCPA main body (Parallel-synthetic methord) PA25SR
15W Power Amp. Main body PA23SR
MCPA main body (Mounting type, distributor/ Synthesizer/controller、5W x 3) PA25CR
Sub rack (TX, RX and SCPA are stored in 2U size.) PA26SR
Blank panel
Synthesizer Synthesizer(for parallel-synthetic method) MX22PA
Synthesizer main body(for parallel-synthetic method) SR22PA
PA fan Fan unit
PA switch controller N+1 Switching method
N+1 Mounting
Type I (10msec or less) SW2PR0
Type II (Semi-seamless) SW2PD0
MCPA switch controller type I SW2PR1
Type I (10msec or less) (with montor) SW2PR2
Output filter Standard output filter FO2S00
Output filter for adjacent eliminate type I FO2S01
Output filter for adjacent eliminate type II FO2S02
Wide band output filter (for MCPA) FO2W00
Commoner 2 output commomer FO2DF2
CIR type 2 wave commoner FO2MR2
CIB type 2 wave commoner FO2MB2
4 output commoner FO2DF4
CIR type multi wave commoner (4wave) FO2MR4
CIR type Adjacent 2 wave commoner
2 output commoner FO2DFB
DC48V power supply unit 5A PU2005
10A PU2010
30A PU2030
50A PU2050
DC48V power supply shelf 5A type PS2005
10A type PS2010
30A type PS2030
50A type PS2050
Backup power supply unit
for a short time Uninterruptive
power supply
Power supply 15Ah (Charge/control unit) DC input BD2150
Battery (12V 15Ah x 4)
Power supply 48Ah (Charge/control unit) AC input BA2480
Battery (12V24Ah x 8)
Arrester Arrester (2 systems) TP20Z0
Arrester (1 method) TP22Z0
Arrester (3 systems) TP23Z0
Arrester (3 methods) 200V TP23Z1
MCCB AC MCCB (AC100V, MCCB: 4, consent) CB20A1
ACMCCB (AC200V, MCCB: 4, consent) CB20A2
AC MCCB (AC200V, MCCB: 5, consent) CB25A6
AC/DC MCCB (MCCB: 5, consent) CB25A3
Meter panel Output filter built in type MP2FC1
Meter panel MP2MA0
Multi Ch power meter PM2M0A
Multi CH power meter (2 wave) PM2M1A
Multi CH power meter (4 wave) PM2M2A
Meter panel (for multi CH power meter) MP2PA5
Meter panel (for multi CH power meter 4 wave) MP2PA4
Meter panel (Multi CH power meter+PA output 2wave) MP2PA6
Meter panel (Multi CH power meter+PA output 4 wave) MP2PA3
Alarm panel Alarm panel (for 2 methods) AP22S0
Control/alarm panel (for 1 method) AP21S0
Monitor BER monitor MB2F02
Equivalent C/N monitor (*7) MC2000
Equivalent C/N main body (*7) MC20SR
Rack Rack 570(W) x 1950(H) x 630(D)
Rack 570(W) x 2200(H) x 710(D)
Name plate Name plate
External terminal External terminal
Blank panel BP (50mm)
BP (100mm)
BP (150mm)
VP (50mm)

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