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MCPA Relay Stations


Outline view

50W MCPA relay station system

50W MCPA relay station system

System diagram

OFDM Modulator Transmission Conv. Basic SW Cont. 4 Waves Combiner 2 Waves Distributer 50W MCPA MCPA SW Cont. Output Filter
OFDM Modulator 50W MCPA
MCPA Power Meter
Rb Oscillator Rb Oscillator

BM2040D/22: 50W MCPA relay station system
Signal diagram of TS-TTL relay system using dual MCPA method

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It is MCPA relay station system which re-modulates each of two or more TTL-transmitted TS signal, amplifies the multi-channel signals together and sends.

Outline of operation

  1. Basic part
    1. It supplies each output of TS, CLK, and F_SYNC of the TS-TTL device to the OFDM modulator.
    2. It converts the IF signal of the modulator output (Fc = 37.15MHz) into the RF signal with the transmission conversion.
    3. It selects the operation line or the preliminary line and outputs it with basic part control switcher.
    4. It mixes the RF output signal of each basis part switcher with the combiner.
    5. It switches10MHz standard signal in the seamless with the switcher that controls the phase and the amplitude.
  2. MCPA power amplification part
    1. It distributes the RF signal mixed with the combiner.
    2. It amplifies with MCPA.
    3. It selects the operation line or the preliminary line and outputs it with PA switcher. (High-speed switching of 10msec or less)
    4. MCPA adopts the feed forward distortion compensation method.

Control and monitor

  1. Control
    Switch of system on operation side/standby side
    (The starting up operation test on the standby side power amplifier is also possible.)
    1. Auto / Remote
    2. Manual
  2. Monitor
    1. Alarm state:
      It depends on the display of the alarm of the control system equipment, the alarm panel, and each unit.
    2. Signal operation:
      It confirms the transmitting power, the output power of PA, the voltage, and the current using the check meter of meter panel.
      Moreover, it can confirm the level with the monitor connector of each unit.
    3. Power supply system operation state:
      It can confirm the input-voltage and the output-voltage of the power supply with the monitor terminal and the terminal stand of the MCCB panel.

General specification

It depends on "Transmission equipment common specifications for the Digital terrestrial Broadcasting" (Orange Book).

Composition equipment list

DTV Relay System MCPA Composition equipment list
Classification Name of articles Pet name
Excitation OFDM Modulator(H=50mm) MD2137
Transmission conversion part without SAW filter TC20U1
Local oscillator unit
CH BPF [6840CD]
Main body of transmission conversion TX20SR
Basic part control switcher Type I (less than 10msec) SW2TR0
Power amplification 4 adjacent channel wave combiner FO2MF4
PA input distributor FD2M21
MCPA control switcher Type I SW2PR1
Wideband output filter FO2W00
Oscillator Rb oscillator RB20S0
Power meter Multi channel power meter (for 4 wave. without 7segment display.) PM2M2A
Meter panel MP2PA3
Power supply DC48V 50A Power supply unit PU2050
Shelf for Power supply unit PS2050
Arrester panel TP20Z0
Rack Cabinet Rack Cabinet 570(W)×2200(H)×710(D)
Plaques Main plaque
Monitor TV
Dummy loading
Blank panel etc. Chassis (H=200mm)
Chassis (H=450mm)
Ventilation panel(50mm)
Blank panel (50mm)
Blank panel (150mm)

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