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Transmitter System for Low Signal Power Relay Stations


Transmitter "AM3000" Features

This system is a minimal low signal power transmitter for the relay of ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.
As the need arises, it's possible to have the compensation function built-in for integrate-type basic equipment.

6 kinds of basic equipments are available.
6052RT 受信変換+送信変換のベーシック機能 BASIC function
(which consists of a reception conversion and a transmission conversion)
6052MD ベーシック機能+遅延機能+マルチパス等化 BASIC function + Multipath equalization + Delay adjustment
6052CL ベーシック機能+回り込みキャンセラ BASIC function + Coupling loop canceller
6052CC ベーシック機能+同一チャンネル干渉除去 BASIC function + Co-channnel interference
6052SD ベーシック機能+スペースダイバーシティー BASIC function + Space diversity reception
6052RD ベーシック機能+ルートダイバーシティー BASIC function + Route diversity reception

Transmitter unit and power supply unit is separated and stocked in the respective steel cases.

Low Signal Power Relay Stations
Transmitter unit

[Transmitter unit] 1,100(H)x560(W)x456(D)
Transmitter unit

[Power supply unit] 745(H)×535(W)×400(D)
Transmitter unit

[Battery unit] 800(H)×510(W)×290(D)

Block Diagram (ISDB-T Low Signal Power Relay Stations)

System diagram: Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Transmitter System

  • Transmitter unit store box can mount 8 one basic equipment configuration, 3 systems of reception and 3 systems of transmission at maximum.
  • Transmitter unit store box corresponds to both ways of isolated or non-isolated reception.
  • Power supply unit can be equipped with an lightning protection transformer as the standard and equipped with a charger for accumulators as an option.
  • Power amplifier adopts common amplifying system by "broadband MCPA" and makes 50mW output standard per 1 wave.
  • GPS calibrating type OCXO as a frequency reference signal is available as an option.
  • Intermediate frequency adopts an original frequency for the purpose of miniaturization of equipment and price reduction.
    It isn't 37.15MHz as the small-scale relay station intermediate frequency prescribed by Orange Book (Japanese Standard of ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting).

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