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Related Equipments for Digital TV (DTV)


Master and Studio Equipment for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting地上デジタル放送:マスター、スタジオ機器

OFDM Modulator for monitoring

MODEL 6193

  This equipment is OFDM modulator which corresponds to ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.

  After performing various processes the input signal of the broadcast TS signal(channel coding, reverse FFT, quadrature modulation and frequency conversion), this equipment outputs an any channel signal in UHF band.

  This equipment offers the following features. Those are the separation of IIP signal from broadcast TS ,and the auto setting of OFDM transmission parameters of the modulator based on MCCI of the IIP.

  NSI is unused and the manual setting of a transmission parameter is impossible.

  It's possible to synchronize to an external reference signal (10MHz).

Digital-Terrestrial backup system

MODEL 8628

  This equipment is TS multiplexer which corresponds to ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.

  4 ports of TS input are equipped and also corresponds to One-Segment broadcasting and many kinds' modulated parameter setting.

  Output signals are dual ports of TS, CLK and SYNC, and it's possible to connect to a OFDM modulator which corresponds to ISDB-T Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.

  In an emergency, a temporary master system can be constructed in a transmission station using an HD encoder and One-Segment encoder, etc.

  Since dual output terminals are equipped, it's possible to supply a transmitter and TTL with a signal in a digital transmissionstation. Therefore temporary Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting is available by using existing network of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting system.

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