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SCPA Relay Stations


SCPA relay station system - Outline view

SCPA (Single Channel Power Amp)

System diagram

2 Waves Distributer Reception conv. Transmission conv. 5W SCPA (1) PA SW cont. Output filter
2 Waves Distributer 5W SCPA (2)
5W SCPA (2)
Alarm panel
2 Waves Distributer
Rb oscillator (1) Rb oscillator (2)

AS2037B/22: 5W SCPA relay station system
Signal diagram of TS-TTL relay system using dual SCPA method

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It is SCPA relay station system which receives the broadcast wave transmitted by the previous station, gives necessary processing, and sends.

Outline of operation

  1. Basic part
    1. It distributes UHF television channel signal that is the input signal with the divider in two lines.
    2. It removes the undesired signal, amplifies with AGC, adjusts the output level, and converts the frequency into the IF signal with the reception conversion unit.
    3. It converts the IF signal into the RF signal with the frequency in the transmission conversion part.
  2. SCPA power amplification part
    1. It amplifies the output of the transmission conversion part with the SCPA power amplifier.
    2. It selects the operation line and the preliminary line and outputs it with PA switcher. (High-speed switch operation of 10msec or less)

Control and monitor

  1. Control
    Switch of system on operation side/standby side (The starting up operation test on the standby side power amplifier is also possible.)
    1. Auto / Remote
    2. Manual
  2. Monitor
    1. Alarm state:
      It depends on the display of the alarm of the control system equipment, the alarm panel, and each unit.
    2. Signal operation:
      It confirms the transmitting power, the power of PA ,the voltage, and the current are confirmed with the check meter of meter panel.
      Moreover, it can confirm the level with the monitor connector of each unit.
    3. It can confirm the input-voltage and the output-voltage of the power supply with the monitor terminal and the terminal stand of the MCCB panel.

General specification

It depends on "Transmission equipment common specifications for the Digital terrestrial broadcasting" (Orange Book).

Composition equipment list

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