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Repeater Compositions / ISDB-T Digital TV Broadcasting Relay Systems


RB20S0: Rubidium oscillator (GPS proofreading type) [3273B]



Antenna input Input signal GPS signal (L1)
Connector TNC-J
Impedance 50Ω
Standard signal output Frequency 10MHz
Number of outputs 8(Back panel),
1(Front panel - monitor)
Connector BNC-J
Impedance 50Ω
Output level 0dBm
Monitor level 0dBm
1PPS output Number of outputs 8(Back panel),
1(Front panel - monitor)
Connector BNC-J
Impedance 50Ω The pull-down at the terminal.
The pull-up is improper.
Output level TTL level
Pulse width 0.5s
It provides for the timing at a positive second by the rising edge. The standing fall can change by an internal setting.
Output condition When GPS is received.
Power supply indicate Power ON Green
Power OFF Turning off
GPS receive indicate 4 or more of reception satellites Green
1 to 3 of reception satellites Orange
Non receiving Red
Status indicate Normal Green
when Power supply abnormal, Rb Oscillator PLL abnormal, Rb Oscillator level abnormal, 1PPS out abnormal, FAN abnormal, or Frequency abnormal)
Proofreading mode indicate Executing Orange
Finishing/Continuous controlling Green
Free run Turning off
Alarm output Output item
(); output condition
Power failure
(When internal circuit operation voltage generation DC/DC converter input voltage decreases to +22V or less)
Rb Oscillator PLL abnormal
(When 10MHz generation circuit PLL in Rb oscillation module is an unlock)
Rb Oscillator level abnormal
(When the Rb oscillation module output level decreases by 3dB or more)
1PPS out abnormal
(In either of 1PPS output, when VOH becomes 2.0V or less or  VOL becomes 0.8V or more,
or 1PPS signal output stops,)
FAN abnormal
(When the cooling fan stops)
GPS receiving abnormal
(when the number of reception satellites is 3 or less. Delay time is 10 seconds.)
Frequency abnormal
(When GPS is received by the free run, the frequency error margin is ±3 x 10E-10 or more.)
Total alarm
(When either of seven above-mentioned items is generated)
Power SW operation caution
(SW alert)
Interface Point of contact is ON when abnormal.
When power supply abnormal, outputs at power OFF.
(Photo-Moseley, Power SW operation caution is outputted SW Supplementary point of contact.
Connector D-sub 25S(M2.6 screw)
Contact volume AC/DC50V 100mA
Interface RS-232 The location information, time information, and Alarm information are output.
The length of the coaxial cable etc. can be external set.
Cooling method Forced air cooling with fan(The life expectancy of fan : for 100,000 hours when Operation always.)
Power supply Voltage DC+48V ±15%
At start 65W or less
When regular 35W or less
Use conditions Continuous use
Environmental requirements Temperature -10°C to +45°C (Range for in-spec)
-20°C to +60°C (Range for spec restorable)
Humidity 45% to 90%RH  (Without dew.)
GPS Antenna Power supply DC +5V (Supplied from oscillator)
Use conditions Continuous use
Temperature -25 to +70°C
Humidity 20 to 100%


Standard Frequency output Frequency precision ±5 x 10E-11 or less
(100s, When proofreading ends)
±3 x 10E-11 or less
(100s, When 24 hours or more pass continuousness controlling)
Frequency stability 3 x 10E-11 or less(1s)
5 x 10E-11 or less/month
Temperature stability 5 x 10E-11 or less
Level precision ±1dBor less
Phase noise(SSB) 1Hz -100dBc/Hz or less
10Hz -130dBc/Hz or less
100Hz -140dBc/Hz or less
1kHz -150dBc/Hz or less
10kHz -150dBc/Hz or less
Rb oscillator
standing up characteristic
±5 x 10E-11/24hor less
±1 x 10E-09/15min (25°C) or less
Spurious Harmonic -25dBc or less
Non harmonic -50dBc or less
1PPS output Time precision ±200ns or less,
when GPS receiving
Level precision VOH:2.4V or more
VOL:0.4V or less

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