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SCPA 小規模中継機システム SCPA Relay Stations


システム外観 SCPA relay station system - Outline view

SCPA (Single Channel Power Amp) 小規模中継機システム

系統図 System diagram

2 Waves Distributer Reception conv. Transmission conv. 5W SCPA (1) PA SW cont. Output filter
2 Waves Distributer 5W SCPA (2)
5W SCPA (2)
Alarm panel
2 Waves Distributer
Rb oscillator (1) Rb oscillator (2)

AS2037B/22: 5W SCPAデジタルテレビ中継送信装置
放送波中継 SCPA 2台方式 信号系統図
AS2037B/22: 5W SCPA relay station system
Signal diagram of TS-TTL relay system using dual SCPA method

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仕様 Specification

構成機器一覧 Composition equipment list

DTV Relay System / SCPA Composition equipment list
分類Classification 品名Name of articles ペットネームPet name PDFPDF
フロントエンドFront End 隣接2波2 adjacent channel waves FI2MF2 PDF file
入力分配器input divider FD2M21 PDF file
受信変換ユニット(SFN、SAWフィルタ1段)Reception conversion unit for SFN with 1section of SAW filter RC20U0 PDF file
受信変換本体Main body for reception conversion RX20SR PDF file
励振部Excitation 送信変換部(SAWフィルタ1段)Transmission conversion part with 1 section of SAW filter TC20U0 PDF file
局発ユニットLocal oscillator unit -  
CH BPF [6840CD] PDF file
送信変換本体Main body of transmission conversion part TX20SR PDF file
電力増幅部Power amplification 5W SCPA PA2S37 PDF file
0.5W/1.5W/5W電力増幅器本体Main Body for Power amplifier 0.5W/1.5W/5W PA21SR PDF file
PA切替制御器タイプI(10msec以下)PA switcher(Type I, Less than 10msec switching operation) SW2PR0 PDF file
Standard type output filter (H=150mm) 標準出力フィルタ (H=150mm)FO2S00 PDF file
ルビジウム発振器Oscillator ルビジウム発振器Rb oscillator 5984A [PDF] MODEL 5984A: Rb Oscillator H=100mm Half-Width
電源部Power supply DC48V 30A 電源ユニットPower supply unit PU2030  
電源棚板Shelf board for Power supply unit PS2030  
アレスタ板 (2系統)Arrester board TP20Z0  
AC MCCB (AC100V用、MCCB 4ヶ、コンセント) CB20A1  
DC MCCB (MCCB 4ヶ) CB24B0  
メータパネルMeter panel メータパネルMeter panel MP2MA0 PDF file
アラームパネルAlarm panel 制御アラームパネル(1台方式用)Control alarm panel AP21S0 PDF file

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